Tourist Activities in Los Mochis

Maviri Island

Maviri Island

The beaches of Maviri are very popular and frequented by those living in Los Mochis, while its island is linked by a bridge with the panoramic road that extends from Topolobampo.

Topolobampo Bay

Topolobampo Bay

The Bay stands out for being a paradise where multiple species of flora and fauna abound. This reserve is located 23 kilometers from Los Mochis, making it an obligatory stop on your Chepe Express train ride.

Sinaloa Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

The Benjamin Francis Botanical Garden, better known as Sinaloa Park, is undoubtedly the lung of the city.

Los Mochis, a natural destination for the best tourist activities.

In Los Mochis you can enjoy a variety of tourist activities, both in the city and in the bay and beyond to the Gulf of California. The bay offers water activities and beautiful beaches. While in the vicinity of the city, there are bat caves and a famous botanical garden.

In addition, the Los Mochis train station is one of the headwaters of the Chepe Tourist Train, which connects with the Copper Canyon and countless other tourist, sightseeing, contemplation, adventure and cultural activities.

A young city with a lot of history.

Los Mochis is a young city founded in 1903, which has grown to become the third largest city in the state of Sinaloa. Its importance lies in being the center of a rich agricultural area with important sugar cane crops in the valley of the Fuerte River. On the other hand, it is considered the gateway to the Copper Canyon.

The Ohuira Bay in the vicinity of Los Mochis, has its outlet to the sea guarded by the Topolobampo peninsula. Already on the Gulf of California are the island of El Marivi, with wide beaches. And out to sea, the unique Farallon, an imposing rocky massif that emerges from the sea up to 110 meters high.

Through the Ferri, from Los Mochis you can access the tourist activities in the area of Baja California Sur. From the city of La Paz, where the maritime transport connects, you can get to know the beauties of this enormous peninsula.

How to get Los Mochis?

As mentioned before, this station is one of the stations that you can enjoy and get to know on your Sinaola Train trip that we offer at Chepe Express. Live one of the most impressive train experiences in the world!