Tourist Activities in Los Mochis

Take a boat tour around Topolobampo Bay

There is a dolphin sanctuary in the bay, bird watching, mangroves, dunes, sea lions and semi-desert vegetation that will amaze you. This paradise for ecotourism offers diving around the cliffs of Farallon Island, a more than 40 meter (130 foot) rock that rises from the Sea of Cortez. We also recommend watching the dolphins, particularly the Pechocho, a dolphin that lives alone. According to legend, this dolphin was orphaned and grew up in the solitude of the mangroves.

Duration 1 to 2 hours, approximately

Tip: Reserve a tour with your travel agency or at your hotel.


Visit Maviri Island

The beach is free and you can hire any of the many activities on offer

Duration Approximately 1 to 2 hours to enjoy the beach.

Tip: Free access, right there you can contract any activity you want to do


Visit the Bat Cave and Bird Island

The Island has a cave where millions of bats nest.
It is located just 10 minutes from Topolobampo.

Millions of bats inhabit here, that during the day they sleep hanging upside down and after sunset they go out to look for food forming large clouds in the sky.

Duration 1 to 2 hours, approximately

Tip: These tours must be booked with your travel agency, directly at your hotel or at Maviri beach


Explore the Botanical Gardens

The Benjamin Francis Botanical Gardens are known as the lungs of the city. As he traveled around the world, Francis collected plants from everywhere he visited.

Traveling around the world, Francis decided to collect plants from all the places he visited for display.
Learn about the great variety of species of birds and exotic plants, you will be surprised to find so much in one place.

Duration 1 hour, approximately

Tip: Free admission