Tourist Activities in Los Mochis

Take a tour around Topolobampo bay

Topolobampo Bay is a sanctuary of dolphins, birds, mangroves, dunes, sea lions and lots of semi-desert vegetation.

Why is it a tourist destination?

The Bay stands out for being a paradise where multiple species of flora and fauna abound. This reserve is located 23 kilometers from Los Mochis, making it an obligatory stop on your Chepe Express train ride.

As we have mentioned, Topolobampo Bay is known for its immense beaches, dunes and crystalline waters.

What to do in Topolobampo Bay?

  • Stroll on the boardwalk along its beautiful and popular beaches.
  • Visit the lookout point.
  • Sport fishing with dorado, wahoo and sailfish.
  • Kayaking, scuba diving, fishing, skimboarding and sailing.
  • Visit Maviri Island.
  • Surfing in the strong waves of the long open beaches that the bay offers.
  • Enjoy the sunset over beatiful mountain ranges.

So, Topolobampo Bay is a fishing port, where you will enjoy the cultural, archaeological and natural spaces that the coasts of Sinaloa have to offer.

It is very popular for the great biological diversity of its multiple species of flora and fauna that you can discover if you book your place today on the Chepe Express train to Sinaloa.

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Duration 1 to 2 hours, approximately

Tip: Reserve a tour with your travel agency or at your hotel.


Visit Maviri Island

Maviri Island is the most popular beach in the bay.

Where is the beach located?

It is located in the northern part of Sinaloa between Topolobampo Bay and the Sea of Cortez, near the famous Cueva de los Murcielagos (Cave of the Bats). This cave is home to more than 5 million bats, which is why it is a tourist attraction.

The beaches of Maviri are very popular and frequented by those living in Los Mochis, while its island is linked by a bridge with the scenic road that extends from Topolobampo.

What to do in Maviri Island?

El Maviri is known for:

  • Being a natural viewpoint: you will be able to long for the natural reserves that are located in Sea of Cortez and Topolobampo Bay.
  • An island of beautiful and extensive beaches: since the island is catalogued as a natural reserve with the most popular beaches of the coast of Sinaloa.
  • To have restaurants, with excellence in marine dishes.
  • Have catamaran or boat tours to enjoy its beaches and explore the most attractive corners of Ohuira Bay and Topolobampo.
  • Visit the Bat Cave located near the island.

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Duration Approximately 1 to 2 hours to enjoy the beach.

Tip: Free access, right there you can contract any activity you want to do


Visit the Cave of the Bats and Bird Island

The Cave of the Bats are located in the town of Santiago in Mexico. Is located in a place that is based on ecology, history and culture. It is located just 10 minutes from Topolobampo.

History of the cave:

The space in which the bat cave is located was an old mine, which is currently closed, however it is a sanctuary for bats in which it is estimated that more than 5 million and more than 6 different species of this kind of animals inhabit. They are considered indispensable to protect the ecosystem.

We recommend visiting the cave at any time of the year. The main entrance is just after the Boca Dam, in the Magical Town of Santiago, and you can see it from the national highway.

What to do on the island?

In this place, not only can you visit the bat cave, but you can also enjoy walks to long for the nature that lingers on the river bank.

The importance of bats in Mexico:

Multiple scientists in Mexico have highlighted the importance of the ecosystem services provided by bats in the area, becoming allies of agriculture, representing the most efficient natural solution to be able to combat and prevent agricultural pests in priority crops in Mexico, such as cotton and corn.

In addition, these animals allow the distribution of seeds of fruits that they ingest in the areas allowing a regeneration of the forests and help to produce food.

On the other hand, other kinds of bats pollinate plant species and carnivores control the population of possible rodent and reptile infections.

You can combine this activity with others that are within the Copper Canyon, such as the Cerro del Gallego viewpoint, Huicochi waterfall and many more.

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Duration 1 to 2 hours, approximately

Tip: These tours must be booked with your travel agency, directly at your hotel or at Maviri beach


Explore the Botanical Gardens

The Benjamin Francis Botanical Garden better known as Sinaloa Park, is undoubtedly the lung of the city.

The history of the Botanical Garden:

Traveling around the world, Francis decided to collect for exhibition plants from all the places he visited accumulating them in the same recreational space and observe the beauty of the flora at the beginning of the twentieth century. This garden is designed in a cross format respecting the style of the Benedictine monasteries. 

Learn about the great variety of bird species and exotic plants, you will be surprised to find so much in one place. The garden is one of the activities you can enjoy on your tour of Los Mochis

What is it like inside?

The Sinaloa Garden is diversified in 4 areas or gardens, properly speaking:

  • Avenida de las Palmas Reales.
  • Camino Dorado.
  • Jing Jang.
  • Star of the Orient. 

In approximately one hour you will be able to tour the entire Sinaloa Botanical Garden. Prepare your camera to record the beautiful flowers and architectural designs of the cultural and natural space that Mexico gives us to appreciate. 

In addition, in the Garden you will not only be able to admire flowers and moments, but also approximately 200 species of wildlife and a little more than 140 species of birds. 

Duration 1 hour, approximately

Tip: Free admission