Tourist Activities in El Fuerte

Zorro Show

Zorro Show

The Zorro Show is one of the attractions you can enjoy at Hotel Posada del Hidalgo.

Kayaking in El Fuerte

Kayaking in El Fuerte

Learn about the wildlife around El Fuerte with a kayak tour, enjoying the chirping of birds, the flora and fauna of northern Sinaloa are fascinating. The figures of frogs, foxes and other animals stand out on the rocks.


hikes in El Fuerte

Enjoy walks through El Fuerte and the Malecon to appreciate the culture and traditions of the town, there will be nothing better than a walk through this picturesque town, full of cultural and historical attractions.

Local Dances

local dances

Local dances are shows that can be appreciated in El Fuerte. The dance of the deer is a centuries-old expression that comes from the Yaquis and Mayos, original inhabitants of this border area between the states of Sonora and Sinaloa.

A natural destination for the best tourist activities

In El Fuerte, there is an abundance of tourist activities with cultural content.

It is the town where Diego de la Vega ¨El Zorro¨ lived as a child and in his memory there is a show for tourists. Besides being a magical place, it is the fourth most populated city in the state of Sinaloa. It was an important mining town with large mansions now transformed into hotels or museums. To protect itself from the natives, in 1610 an important fort was built, which gave rise to its name.

Tourist Activities in El Fuerte

  • Landscapes:

El Fuerte offers varied tourist and cultural activities, such as museums, palaces, or a Jesuit temple. But it is also the starting point for many walks and offers several viewpoints… A walk along the river El Fuerte at sunset or sunrise is an activity not to be missed. In the hill of La Máscara you can enjoy ancient engravings in stone. Bird watching or fishing are also activities that El Fuerte generously gives us.

  • Culture:

Culturally, the city El Fuerte has what is necessary to take us back to the past of the Tarahumara Mountains and its inhabitants and understand the evolution of their customs until today.

El Fuerte offers a journey through time, as well as a reflection on the present. It is a place that places us in the origins and management of our culture.

What else to do at the Fort?

In addition to the activities mentioned above, you can enjoy nature and the typical sports of the area, such as fishing and ecotourism.