Tourist Activities in EL Fuerte

Kayaking in El Fuerte: a ride on the river

There is nothing better than getting up early and enjoying a kayak ride in El Fuerte, kayaking downstream on the El Fuerte River.

A kayak ride to admire nature:

Learn about the wildlife around El Fuerte with a kayak ride, enjoying the chirping of birds, the flora and fauna of northern Sinaloa are fascinating. The figures of frogs, foxes and other animals stand out on the rocks. 

Recommendations for enjoying a kayaking in El Fuerte

For the more adventurous we suggest walking to the Cerro de la Máscara where the panoramic views of the town and its surroundings are quite rewarding. In addition, along the way you will find numerous petroglyphs, made by the native peoples thousands of years before the Spanish conquest.

If you are in excellent physical condition, we recommend this kayak tour, you will exercise surrounded by incredible natural beauty along the way.

Kayaking in El Fuerte is one of the most suggested activities to do if you choose to take a train trip with Chepe Express.  

Another of the activities you can experience if you want to live an unforgettable experience are the local dance shows, a walk through the town and incredible shows. 

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Duration 2 hours, approximately

Tip: We recommend making a reservation with your travel agency, at your hotel or at the tourism offices downtown.


Folkloric dance show

Local dances are shows that are appreciated in El Fuerte. The dance of the deer is a centuries-old expression that comes from the Yaquis and Mayos, original inhabitants of this border area between the states of Sonora and Sinaloa.

Local dances performances:

During the dance of the Deer, the dancer will wear a deer headdress with antlers, dramatizing in his dance a hunt. This type of dance is a religious tradition and the most important part of Yaqui and Mayan folklore in Mexico.

The dance of the Deer begins with music played with a flute and a drum, then the animal enters, played with the sound of rattles, which will then be struck by the arrow of the hunter (the dancer).

A religion that begins in childhood:

The protagonist of the local dances, is an indigenous Yaqui or Mayan that his parents have destined him that purpose since childhood. At that stage of his life, the dancer’s parents educate him as if he were the deer, giving him a special diet so that he develops a much more agile and strong body that allows him to imitate the movements of the deer in a similar way.

Enjoy an authentic spectacle full of symbolism: this is one of the most ancient dances of the native peoples of Mexico. This activity can be enjoyed on your trip through Mexico with the Chepe Express Train.

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Duration 1 hour, approximately

Tip: We recommend making a reservation with your travel agency or at your hotel.


Explore the town and stroll along the river boardwalk

Enjoy Hikes in El Fuerte and the Malecon to appreciate the culture and traditions of the town, there will be nothing better than taking a walk through this picturesque town, full of cultural and historical attractions.

What is the route of the Hikes in El Fuerte?

When Hikes in El Fuerte (town) we will be visiting the following:

  • The Municipal Palace: the building was built at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century with a neoclassical oriented style.
  • The Central Plaza.
  • Culture House: the building was built in the 19th century where you will be able to appreciate a very pleasant space surrounded by art and books.
  • El Fuerte Museum: Inside the museum you will see a large exhibition of photos and items that tell the history of the town.

Shop directly with local master artisans who will offer you pottery, woven palm baskets and wooden figures.

Walks along the Malecon

Enjoy a satisfying walk as visitors to El Malecón, El Fuerte, with a great tourist tradition. A place where you will see the meeting of the locals who will invite you to get to know a new environment. With a total of 1,200 meters, the walks along the Malecon will allow us to see the sunset and the strong river, observe a variety of birds surrounding beautiful landscapes on the banks of the river.

This activity will give you a feeling of relaxation and positive energy. Reserve your seat on the Chepe Train now.

Duration 1 hour, approximately

Tip: You can do the tour without a guide, but the value of interpretation and the knowledge you will get from a local guide will make a huge difference.


Zorro Show

The Zorro Show is one of the attractions you can enjoy at Hotel Posada del Hidalgo.

A historical show:

The show takes place at the Hotel Posada del Hidalgo with a justification.

This hotel was built in 1564 and it is believed to be the original place where Diego de la Vega, alias “El Zorro”, was born.

For this very reason, you will find in the Hotel:

  • Zorro Bar cantina,
  • Restaurant called “Don Diego’s”, and
  • Multitudinous space to be able to appreciate the famous and popular show.

The legend of the Zorro Show:

Legend has it that “El Zorro” Diego de la Vega lived as a child in the old part of what is now the Hotel Posada del Hidalgo.
In his memory, every night a performance is held on the hotel’s terrace, where through a narration and traditional music the story of this famous character is remembered.

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A show to enjoy with family, friends and alone. It is one of the historic shows in Mexico because it reflects a very strong belief of the inhabitants of the country.

Duration 1 hour, approximately

Tip: The show is free, but you will need to order food and/or beverages in the Hotel Posada del Hidalgo restaurant.