Tourist Activities in EL Fuerte

River rafting or kayaking along the El Fuerte River and hike the Cerro de la Mascara

There is nothing better than getting up early to watch the sunrise from the El Fuerte River. Learn about the wildlife around El Fuerte, enjoying the singing of the birds. The flora and the fauna of northern Sinaloa are fascinating. For the more adventurous, we suggest hiking to the Cerro de la Mascara, where the panoramic views of the town and surrounding area are glorious. Along the way, you will find numerous petroglyphs left by local indigenous peoples thousands of years before the Spanish conquest. There are depictions of frogs, foxes and other animals along the rocks. If you are in good physical condition, we recommend doing the tour by kayak. You will get your exercise surrounded by incredible natural beauty throughout the trip.

Duration 2 hours, approximately

Tip: We recommend making a reservation with your travel agency, at your hotel or at the tourism offices downtown.


Folkloric dance show

The dance of the deer is a century-old tradition that comes from the Yaquis and the Mayo, indigenous peoples from this border area between the states of Sonora and Sinaloa.

The dancers wear a deer headpiece with antlers, dramatizing a hunt in their dance.

Enjoy an authentic show filled with symbolism. This is one of the oldest dances of Mexico’s indigenous peoples.

Duration 1 hour, approximately

Tip: We recommend making a reservation with your travel agency or at your hotel.


Explore the town and stroll along the river boardwalk

If you enjoy culture and traditions, there will be nothing better than taking a walk through this picturesque town, full of cultural and historical attractions.
Visit the Municipal Palace, the Central Square, the House of Culture and the El Fuerte museum.
Shop directly from local master craftsmen who will offer pottery, woven palm baskets and wooden figures.

Duration 1 hour, approximately

Tip: You can do the tour without a guide, but the value of interpretation and the knowledge you will get from a local guide will make a huge difference.


Zorro Show

Legend has it that “El Zorro” Diego de la Vega lived in the old part of town where the Hotel Posada del Hidalgo stands today.

There is a show on the hotel’s terrace every night that tells the story of this famous character through narration and traditional music.

Duration 1 hour, approximately

Tip: The show is free, but you will need to order food and/or beverages in the Hotel Posada del Hidalgo restaurant.