Special assistance

Special assistance during the trip on the Chepe Express train

Passengers with disabilities. The Chepe Express train travels to highland destinations and accessibility is limited, though we are working to improve these conditions. We need to know in advance if you require special assistance.

• If you are traveling with a service animal, please see number 10.

• There is no additional cost to travel with a wheelchair, crutches, walker or canes, among other similar items.

• Because of its physical layout, the aisles on the train are very narrow, which cannot accommodate a wheelchair moving through the passenger cars.

• Our staff is not able to assist you with eating, going to the restroom or attend to physiological needs in your seat, nor are we able to provide medical assistance.

• The on-board staff will provide general services.

Ill passengers are required to carry a medical certificate. Illness must be disclosed when making the reservation or purchase if: • You have a health problem that could prevent you from completing the journey peacefully and without requiring special medical assistance during the trip. • Passengers suffering from brain damage must be accompanied. • Passengers suffering from an end-stage illness must be accompanied and carry a medical certificate. • Infectious diseases. Travel will be denied for passengers with diseases that can be easily transmitted in closed environments.

Wheel chair and strollers

Medical Emergencies