Tourist Activities in Divisadero

Tarahumaras or Rarámuris


The Tarahumara or Rarámuris live together with different original cultures in the northwestern highlands of Mexico. Discover their cultures, characteristics and clothing on this excursion.

Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon Trekking

It is recommended to take a hike through the Copper Canyon with a local guide, to practice hiking and learn more about the region.

Colibri Fly

Colibri fly

There is nothing more spectacular than flying over the canyons in a helicopter. Experience the Flight of the Hummingbird experience to enjoy the natural beauty of the Copper Canyon.

Adventure Park

Divisadero Adventure Park

Since the construction of the Adventure Park, Divisadero has become even more attractive for the adventurer, as soon as you enter the park, you won’t know where to start.

The Divisadero resort offers an infinity of tourist activities, especially related to extreme sports and adventure tourism.

As its name suggests, the views of canyons and ravines is the privileged tourist activity in this place. In fact, Divisadero is home to the best hotels in the region. Hotels built on the slopes of the canyons. From the rooms and balconies of these hotels you can enjoy the best views of the Copper Canyon.

This stop is located at a point from where three canyons can be seen: Urique, Tararecua and del Cobre. This makes Divisadero the epicenter of tourist activities in the Sierras Tarahumara.

From Divisadero you can also access the Adventure Park Barrancas del Cobre. In the Adventure Park, you can practice rappelling and zip-lining. You can also walk across disturbing hanging bridges or climb steep cliffs. Among many attractions, this park has a three-kilometer-long cable car, which is the third longest in the world.

In Divisadero, vertigo and adrenaline stimulate the visitor. There, the most relaxing views are combined with activities that test the tourist’s skill and attention. It is a place that everyone who visits it remembers forever.