Colibri Fly

There is nothing more spectacular than flying over the canyons in a helicopter. Experience the Colibri fly and enjoy the natural beauty that the Copper Canyon offers.

Spectacular natural beauty:

In Mexico there is a diversity of spectacular scenery with nature, flora and fauna, especially in the Copper Canyon, in the state of Chihuahua.

The Colibri fly invites you to experience an aerial tour to observe the landscapes that the northern part of Mexico has to offer. Flying via helicopter over the canyons is incredible.

An aerial tour:

The tour starts with a helicopter take-off at the Mansion Hotel in Tarahumara traveling 20 to 25 kilometers over the 2 main canyons of Chihuahua: Urique and Cobre.

Similar to the Adventure Park, the Flight of the Colibri offers an excursion in Mexico for tourists who don’t have to be athletes or have an optimal physical condition to enjoy it.


How to enjoy the Colibri Fly?

In order to effectively enjoy the excursion we recommend you to bring:

  • Comfortable clothes.
  • A hat or cap to prevent the sun’s rays from obstructing your precious view.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sun block.
  • Warm clothes.
  • Camera to be able to record all the beautiful landscapes that you will long for later.

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