Divisadero Station in Chihuahua

This station is a must stop on the Chepe Express. It offers one of the most spectacular natural wonders in Mexico and the world.

Three canyons are found here: Urique, Tararecua and Cobre.

In this place of privileged beauty, we recommend a walk around the edge of the canyon to enjoy the majestic views. Three of the best hotels in the area are in Divisadero. From the comfort of your room balcony, you will feel surrounded by the lush beauty of the Copper Canyons

Another attraction in Divisadero is the Barrancas del Cobre Adventure Park. A park offering recreational activities in the heart of the Sierra Tarahumara

The Park has the third longest cable car line in the world, and activities for the whole family, a restaurant with glass walls and floor to continue your enjoyment of the spectacular views. There is also hiking, biking and horseback riding.

Another feature is the zip lines, which claim to be some of the longest in the world. There are hanging bridges, rock climbing with anchor points, and a world of adventure sports for all ages.



  • Adventure Park
  • This Park makes Divisadero even more attractive to adventure seekers. Entering the park, it’s hard to decide where to start. The offerings at the park include:

  • Visit indigenous communities
  • Different indigenous cultures come together in the Sierra Tarahumara.

  • Hike through the Canyons
  • It is highly recommended that you hire a local guide for your hike through the unparalleled Canyons.

  • Canyon helicopter tour
  • Fly over the canyons by helicopter.