Tourist Activities in Divisadero

Adventure Park

Since the construction of the Park, Divisadero has become even more attractive for the adventurer, as soon as you enter the park, you will not know where to start. Next, we list what you can practice:

Duration Depends on how many activities you want to do. We recommend taking at least two days and one night for the whole family to enjoy the different activities on offer.

Tip: Park admission $25 pesos plus the cost of each activity. Pay at the ticket booth in the park or online at:


Visit indigenous communities

Different indigenous cultures come together in the Sierra Tarahumara. The Raramuri or Tarahumara are the largest group in this area of the mountains. They have been given the name “light feet” because they are known for being excellent runners. 


You can interact with these indigenous peoples, learn about their culture, their dance and traditions. There is also an opportunity to cook and make handicrafts together with local women and children. You can have a total “Raramuri experience” if you reserve in advance!

Duration Approximately 1 hour plus 1 hour in the community

Tip: Ask when you reserve.


Hike through the Canyons

It is highly recommended that you hire a local guide for your hike through the unparalleled Canyons. They will take you beyond what you can see from the lookout point to learn more about the life and traditions of the local Raramuri people.

Duration Approximately 1 hour (we recommend telling your local guide your level of difficulty)

Tip: Reserve at your hotel or with a local guide. We recommend agreeing on the price in advance. Don’t forget to tip your guide!


Canyon helicopter tour

There is nothing more spectacular than flying over the majestic scenery of the canyons in a helicopter. The tour includes the Tararecua, Cobre and Urique Canyons.

Duration Approximately 20 minutes.

Tip: Reservations must be made in advance, consult your travel agent.