Tarahumara or Rarámuris

The Tarahumaras or Rarámuris live together with different original cultures in the northwestern highlands of Mexico. Discover their cultures, characteristics and clothing on this excursion.

Tarahumaras, the native communities of Mexico:

The Rarámuri is the largest native community in this area of the sierra. These communities call themselves that way, which means runners on foot. Lately they have been given the name “light feet” since they have been discovered as excellent runners.

These communities inhabit the northern part of the Sierra Madre Occidental, in Chihuahua, sharing territory with other native groups. As this community is the most numerous, the sierra was given the name “Sierra Tarahumara”.


By doing this activity you will be able to observe and understand more about:

  • Language:

Their language is within the Yuto-Aztec family, being a diversity of languages that inhabit northwestern Mexico.

  • Health and well-being:

This population considers that the human being is composed in a dual way between a body and one or more souls. The illnesses that can be observed in the community can be treated at a domestic level among them, however, in these populations there is a Rarámuri doctor who is very respected by all members of the group but also the others fear him for his use of power that can do a lot of damage.

  • Housing:

The Rarámuri live on ranches in a dwelling house that has a barn and a corral. At the same time, it is important to consider that these ranches are built of wood, adobe, pine logs or stone.

  • Hobby:

The hobby enjoyed by these communities is handicrafts, mostly, in which they manufacture various objects that serve to satisfy the needs of each of the family members. Their main objective is to make handicrafts for self-consumption, but if there is an excess, it is marketed in Creel, Guacochi, or other regions.

You will be able to live with them, learn more about their culture, dances and traditions. There is also the opportunity to cook or make crafts directly with the women and children of the community. With prior reservation, you can have a wonderful “Rarámuri experience”!

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