1.- How long is the trip?

The length of this trip is around 9 hours and 40 minutes. It goes from Los Mochis Sinaloa to Creel Chihuahua

2. How often does the Chepe run?

Monday, thursday and saturday: Leaves Los Mochis at 7:00, arrives in Creel at 17:40

Tuesday, friday and sunday: Leaves Creel at 8:00, arrives in Los Mochis at 16:40

*Pacific Time

3.- Do I need to present an official ID before boarding?

It is necessary to show any official ID (IFE / INE, passport, etc.) with a photograph, in case you don’t have one, we can make an exception by showing one ID that includes a photograph.

Remember that your boarding ticket must match your ID exactly, if it has another name, you WON´T be able to get on the train.

4. What´s included in the train ticket?

First Class: Includes one meal on board (breakfast or lunch) 

*No food included in short distances.

Business Class: The train offers food and beverages for purchase on board.

Tourist Class: The train offers food and beverages for purchase on board.  

5. Can I bring food on board?

No, it´s not permitted to board with food. There are 2 restaurants on board. Likewise, the Bar and the Terrace also offer food (snacks) and beverage service.

• First Class: Includes a meal on board (breakfast or lunch) 

Lunch, breakfast  in the sections of:

Monday Wednesday and Friday:

• Los Mochis a Bahuichivo / Divisadero / Creel

• El Fuerte / a Bahuichivo / Divisadero / Creel

• Bahuichivo a Creel

Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday

• Creel a Bahuichivo / El Fuerte / Los Mochis

• Divisadero a El Fuerte / Los Mochis

• Bahuichivo a El Fuerte / Los Mochis

Snacks: On all routes

• Croissant with ham and cheese

• Sweet cookies

• Business Class: If you buy business class your ticket DOES NOT include food, however you have access to his own restaurant, to the menu of snacks and drinks on board.

• Tourist Class: If you buy tourist class your ticket DOES NOT include food, however you have access to the exclusive dining room for tourist class, as well as the menu of snacks and drinks on board

6.- How long is the trip?

Los Mochis – El Fuerte: 2:05 

El Fuerte – Bahuichivo: 4:10

Bahuichivo – Divisadero: 1:30

Divisadero – Creel: 1:55

* Approximate times.

7. Can I descend the train in any station?

If you book in advance and it is marked on your ticket, you can make stops at three different stations at no additional charge.

We recommend you check the days the train runs in each direction when you book your trip, to arrange your stops. (Stops are optional.)

8. Which stations do you recommend for stopovers?

All our destinations are magical, that´s why we recommend:

Los Mochis, El Fuerte, Bahuichivo, Divisadero (Copper Canyon) and Creel.

9.- How long is the trip?

The total trip takes 9 hours, approximately. However, you decide how long your trip can be, as you have the option to stop at different stations to explore the local area. There are lodging options at each location for you to choose, you can stay two or more nights in each place. As a reminder, you will need to indicate where you want to stopover and when you want to get back on the train when you book. This information will be marked on your ticket and any change after purchase will incur an additional fee.

10. How in advance should I book my train tickets?

We recommend you to make your purchase as early as possible.

Remember, you can buy your tickets 364 days in advance.

Consider a time between 1 and 3 months depending on the season.

11. How early do I need to be at the station before boarding?

Passengers should be at the station at least one hour  before boarding.

12. Does the train have sleeper cars?

The Chepe Express does not have sleeper cars, but the seats are comfortable and they recline.

13. Does the train run on holidays?

Please visit our calendar to learn when are our runs in 2024. 

14.-Do children pay?|

From 0 to 2 years old they do not pay, but they are not entitled to a seat.

15. Can I use a credit card on board the train?

Because of the remoteness of the region, the Wifi on the train is unreliable, which means we are unable to process credit card transactions. All purchases on board are in cash. The ticket offices in Chihuahua and Los Mochis accept cash and all major credit cards.

16. How much luggage can I take?

Two 25 kg pieces per person plus one carry-on.

Motorcycles and bicycles are not permitted on board

17. Do you charge any commission for extra luggage?

There is no charge for extra luggage, in case it will be presented with excess luggage you will NOT BE ABLE to board the train with it. See previous question.

18. Will my luggage travel in a different car?

Yes, there is a designated luggage car for First and Business Class passengers. There is a small luggage rack by each door in the passenger cars, where you can leave your carry-on luggage. For Tourist class passengers, there is a luggage area in each car.

19. Can I book and pay for the hotels and tours with you?

The Chepe Express only sells the tickets for the train. Please contact your travel agency to book and pay for hotels and tours. There is information in the hotels section of our website for each point on the route, as well as some suggested travel agencies.

However, we will open our official agency anytime soon! Be prepared

Mail:, Teléfono: 6144300679 Whatsapp: 6141841532 

20. What hotel do you recommend?

At Chepe Express we only sell train tickets, but we already have our own travel agency “CHEPE EXPLORA”, so you can plan your trip with us.


Phone: 6144300679

Whatsapp: 6141841532 

21. Can I use electronic devices on board the train?

Yes, you can use electronic devices.

22. Is there wifi on board the train?

No  there is no Wi-Fi on board. Due to the nature of the region and the tunnels, internet connectivity is unreliable.

23. Where can I purchase Chepe Express souvenirs?

On board the train. Remember, only cash can be used to make purchases on board. You can also find them at Los Mochis station.

24. Is smoking permitted on board?

Smoking is not permitted on the train. During this contingency it’s not permitted to smoke on board at all.

25. Does snow or rain affect train departures?

The train departs every day, regardless of the weather. However, weather can sometimes cause delays, cancellations or reduce speeds.

26. Where are you located?

Creel Station: Centro Creel, Chihuahua, Chihuahua & Los Mochis Station: Prolongación Boulevard Bienestar S/N Col. Ferrocarrilera, Los Mochis, Sinaloa

27. Are there ATMs at the destinations?

There are ATMs only at Los Mochis, El Fuerte and Creel. We recommend taking cash for your trip.

28. Can I leave my car at the station?

The company is not responsible for cars left at stations as there is no designated parking lot.

29. If I get sick on board or I start to feel bad, do you have medications on board?

We only have emergency equipment for wounds, but we do not have the power to provide medical care in terms of prescribing drugs or granting medication to passengers; if the passenger has a medical or health condition, it is necessary to travel with their medicines .

Like any other passenger, they must bring their own medications, crew and / or the personnel on board are not authorized to provide medications to passengers.

30. Can we take pets on board?

No, pets are no allowed on board, but if you have an assitant dog you might travel with it, please just email us all the documentation to: in order to get the official permit