Tourist Activities in Bahuichivo / Cerocahui

Huicochi Waterfall

Huicochi Waterfall

The hike to the Huicochi Waterfall allows you to enjoy nature along the banks of the stream that will take you to the end of the canyon, where the waterfall is located.

Vineyards at Hotel Mision

Vineyard at Hotel Misión

The Hotel Mision, part of the Balderrama chain, preserves a century-old vineyard in the area. The vine was introduced by the Jesuits in the early 18th century. If you are a wine lover, we recommend this activity in Barrancas del Cobre to learn about the history of the hotel and its vineyard.

Boarding School (Tewekado)

Tewekado Boarding School

The boarding school is a religious order that caters to native girls. It is located next to the Mission Hotel and seeks to improve the learning environment for local girls.

Cerro del Gallego Viewpoint

Cerro del Gallego Viewpoint

The most experienced travelers have expressed that the Cerro del Gallego Viewpoint is unparalleled, you will be almost 1900 meters high with a view of the town of Urique, the river and in the background another small town, it is Huapalaina.

More information about Bahuichivo

The Bahuichivo station is the gateway for tourist activities with extraordinary natural beauty.

Some of the tourist activities to enjoy from Bahuichivo include everything you would expect from a natural spa. Such as hiking to waterfalls and waterfalls. Also horseback riding through winding trails with wonderful views at every step. Or places where you can practice mountain bird watching.

The offer of activities continues with a visit to the town of Cerocahui. This town was founded in 1680 from a Jesuit mission. Its location in a valley, with a temperate and humid microclimate, adorns the valley that surrounds the town, with a green meadow all year round; it is truly privileged.

But, the most outstanding tourist landmark of the region is the viewpoint of Cerro Gallego. From that point you can admire all the depth of the copper canyons in an infinite view. It is impossible to describe this view, where colors, textures and all the elements of nature abound: air, earth and water. At the bottom of the gorges, the Urique River can be seen meandering around the town of the same name.

Rejoining the Chepe train at the Bahuichivo station is like leaving paradise.