Vineyard at Hotel Misión

Vineyard at Hotel Misión, part of the Balderrama chain. The vine was introduced by the Jesuits in the early 18th century. If you are a wine lover, we recommend this activity in Barrancas del Cobre to learn about the history of the hotel and its vineyard.

History of the hidden vineyard at Hotel Misión:

It all began when the Jesuits withdrew from the town of Cerocahui and destroyed the vineyards, but José Maria’s family lovingly and respectfully preserved the vines. Soon after, he passed away and the people feared that they would not be able to preserve the red grapes inherited from the old world.

However, Sánchez’s gardener, who worked at the Hotel Misión, made the decision to restore the vines by planting them on unused land in Cerocahui.


Visit to the vineyard at Hotel Misión:

A perfect day full of love and respect for the town of Cerocahui would be to start with a walk to the Cerro del Gallego viewpoint and end with a glass of wine in the warmth of the brazas at the Hotel Mision. What do you think?

In this glass of wine that you can taste you will feel the warmth and effort of the inhabitants of the town for the care and respect of the mountains, its rivers, the flora and fauna of the Copper Canyon representing the history of the region.

Did you know that if you book the activity by traveling aboard the Chepe train you will have benefits and amenities? In your reservation you will have a tour, transfers to the station and meals.

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