El Fuerte Station in Sinaloa

El Fuerte is one of 4 Magical Towns (Pueblo Mágico) in the state of Sinaloa and is situated on the Chepe train line, just 1 ½ hours from Los Mochis.

El Fuerte gets its name from the fort the Spanish built here in 1610 to protect them from attacks. This was an important mining center, which can still be seen today in the city’s rich history and old mansions, many of which have been converted into boutique hotels.

Enjoy visiting the home of General Pablo Macias, the Casa de la Cultura, the Cathedral and the Main Square.

Why travel to El Fuerte in Sinaloa?

We recommend exploring the ceremonial center of Tehuoco, visiting the lookout point and checking out the local attractions. The Jesuit Church is a must see on the Main Square, as well as the expansive City Hall.

Learn about local culture through exhibitions of clothing and musical instruments at the Miguel Angel Morales Museum. Some of the must do activities are tours along the El Fuerte River at dawn or at dusk, listeng the songs of the many birds.

Also, visit the Cerro de la Mascara, boasting the most extensive collection of petroglyphs in the state of Sinaloa.

If what you enjoy is the tranquility of this magical town, stay a few days to learn more about the birds and to go fishing. Watch the fabulous danza del venado (dance of the deer) and hear about the legend of “El Zorro” embraced by the natural hospitality of Sinaloa.

Kayaking in El Fuerte

Kayaking in El Fuerte: a ride on the river

Sail down the El Fuerte River and learn from the wildlife.

hikes in El Fuerte

Explore the town and stroll along the river boardwalk

Visit the National Palace, the Central Square and the El Fuerte Museum.

Zorro Show

Zorro Show

Relive the story of this famous character.

local dances

Folkloric dance show

Learn about the religious dance of the Yaquis and the Mayos.