Bahuichivo / Cerocahui Station in Chihuahua

Bahuichivo in Chihuahua, Mexico is a favorite destination for those seeking tranquility and extraordinary natural beauty.

Besides touring the town of Cerocahui and the vineyards, there are many tourist activities in Cerocahui. One of them is to visit the Huicochi waterfall with an 8 kilometer hike along a stream until you reach the waterfall. For trekking lovers, there are other tours from Cerocahui such as the hike to ¨Las Cascaditas¨ or to the ¨Mirador del Valle del León¨.

Bahuichivo in Chihuahua, a paradise to discover.

Another attraction is the town of Cerocahui, located 18 kilometers from Bahuichivo Station. Cerocahui was founded in 1680 in the beautiful valley by the Jesuit missionary Juan Maria de Salvatierra. Its climate is privileged since it is temperate and humid all year round, preserving a beautiful green carpet in its surroundings.

This small town has a beautiful waterfall, which you can visit on foot or on horseback. The area lends itself to the contemplation of nature that will fill you with a sense of peace. From Rancho San Isidro near the Mesa de Arturo you can go on bird watching tours to observe the birds that nest in the depths of the Barranca de Urique.

The most important attraction to find from Bahuichivo in Chihuahua, Mexico is to continue uphill 1879 meters from the Misional community, to the viewpoint Cerro del Gallego, for many, the most spectacular of the entire system of Barrancas del Cobre. From there, the infinite view opens up to admire the depth of the Barranca, the town of Urique and the river meandering in the background. After this experience, nothing will be the same. This tour is not to be missed.