Baggage allowance, quantity and weight. Dress recommendations according to the time

Many people ask when is the best time to go. More than a perfect climate, we will tell you how each time of the year is lived in the Barrancas.

Bring comfortable clothing and footwear.

Jacket and warm clothing in winter (November to April).

Sun block and light shirts in spring (May and June).


November to February – Usually very cold and it may snow in Creel and Divisadero

Warm clothing (jacket / coat)

Possible snowfall in Divisadero and Creel


March – June

Light clothing

The ravines go from dry to their attractive copper color


July – August

Light clothing (sweater / windbreaker)

The Barrancas go from their attractive copper color to looking green


September – October

Light clothing (sweater / windbreaker)

It usually rains a lot, the Barrancas
they are very green. (In some years the Autumn is humid)