Chepe Express Train: First, Business and Tourist Classes

From the moment the reservation payment is made, it is considered that the passenger accepts the terms and conditions of the service:


a) Passengers may purchase their tickets up to one year in advance, through the following means:

b) For reservation and purchase of tickets for 1 to 19 passengers, the passenger must provide the following information:

  1. Specify the service you wish to purchase: First Class, Business or Economy.
  2. Detailed itinerary by dates and stations (when booking, it is essential to indicate the stopovers to be made during the trip).
  3. Full names of the persons who wish to travel, as they appear on their official identification.
  4. Age of each person at the time of travel.
  5. Place of origin.
  6. Indicate if special care is required and specify what type of care is required.
  7. Contact information: telephone with area code and e-mail.
  8. Method of payment: bank deposit or credit card.

c) The passenger will receive confirmation of his/her reservation via e-mail, as well as the form of payment and payment deadline.

d) Payment may be made through:

  • Direct purchase through our website: https://chepe.mx/
  • Our Box offices
  • Payment by credit card through a payment link. For this option it is necessary to request it at the time of booking. At the time of payment, your tickets will be sent automatically to the e-mail address provided.

e) At the moment of making the payment, the passenger accepts that the information detailed in the reservation confirmation is correct, therefore, in case of requesting any change, a penalty of 14USD per ticket will be applied.

f) For group reservations for more than 20 passengers, you must send an email indicating the class, itinerary and number of people to the following address: chepegrupos@ferromex.mx

g) The type of reservation and sale for groups is governed by its own policy, which is provided to interested parties.


a) The ticket is the legal title of the contract between the carrier and the passenger, so it must be kept for any claim and/or clarification.

b) The value of the ticket in Business and Economy Class includes the seat in the detailed itinerary, exclusively.

c) The Chepe Express First Class service includes one meal, either breakfast or lunch. Does not apply in short sections.

*In special runs or rainy season no food is included.

d) The ticket is valid for trips with up to three stopovers at no additional charge, starting at the station of origin indicated on the ticket and on the date marked on the ticket. Stopovers must be indicated at the time of booking.

e) When making a reservation or purchase, the passenger must make sure that all the information (names, dates, etc.) of the trip is correct, since any change will result in a charge of 14USD. The names must appear as in the official identification of each passenger.

f) The ticket is personal and non-transferable, if the passenger presents a ticket with a different name than the one on his/her ID, he/she will not be able to board.

g) The ticket may not be resold and/or altered, in case of any type of alteration or modification to the ticket, it will lose its validity to travel.

h) Traveler’s insurance is included in the value of the ticket, which among others, has the following coverage: medical expenses, funeral expenses, loss of luggage and accidental death on board the train. Any incident must be reported immediately to Chepe Express personnel for due claim, otherwise the traveler’s insurance becomes invalid.

i) In case of loss or forgetfulness of the ticket by the passenger, he/she must purchase another ticket to be able to make the trip.

j) Ferromex/Chepe Express reserves the right to review the ticket before and during the trip.

3.- FARES:

The company may modify the fares without prior notice, so we request to review them at https://chepe.mx/ prior to your reservation and/or purchase.


a) Children from 0 to 2 years old will be transported free of charge, however, they will not be entitled to a seat.

b) Children and young people under 18 years of age must travel accompanied by an adult responsible for them, parent or guardian.

c) For people with disabilities, a 15% discount applies only in Tourist Class. To learn more about this and other current discounts visit: https://chepe.mx/


a) Holding areas at stations will open one hour before the train’s departure time.

b) Passengers must be at the boarding station at least 45 minutes before the departure of the corresponding train.

c) At the time of boarding, the passenger must show the ticket to the Chepe Express staff, either printed or on his/her electronic device, as well as his/her official identification with photograph. In the case of minors, they may present a birth certificate, or school ID.

d) Ferromex/Chepe Express assumes no obligation or responsibility for any change or delay, reasonably necessary or unavoidable, prior or subsequent to the start of the contracted service and the result of action, omission or any other unexpected or unforeseeable fact, act or circumstance beyond its control.

e) Due to weather conditions, natural disasters and/or any other unfortunate or major cause beyond the control of Ferromex/Chepe Express, delays and/or unscheduled stops may occur, which shall not imply any obligation or liability on the part of Ferromex/Chepe Express.

f) Due to any incident of force majeure, contingency or situation mentioned above, Ferromex/Chepe Express shall have no obligation to assume any liability to the passenger for delays or inability to make connections with other means of transportation, obligations or rights respectively agreed with hotels, restaurants or commitments in general agreed with any person, entity or company, regardless of its line of business or corporate purpose.

g) Ferromex/Chepe Express reserves the right to provide the service without this implying the user’s right to any claim, demand, payment or any other liability, if any of the following events occur:

  • If there are weather conditions that prevent the completion and/or delay of the trip.
  • If the passenger does not comply with the instructions of Ferromex/Chepe Express personnel.
  • If a ticket is used that does not correspond to the passenger and/or is the object of resale or is altered.
  • If the user does not show up at the time indicated for boarding in advance.

h) It is not allowed to get off at other stations that are not specified on the ticket.

i) If the passenger, without there being a situation of imminent danger for any reason, decides to get off the means of transportation before the final destination indicated on the ticket, he/she shall do so at his/her own risk and responsibility.

j) On the other hand, if Ferromex/Chepe Express, in order to fulfill the service, requires to provide an alternative and/or complementary form of transportation and the passenger decides for any cause or reason not to use such service and continue the trip by his/her own means, he/she shall personally and exclusively assume all costs, risk and responsibility derived from such decision, without any obligation whatsoever for Ferromex/Chepe Express.

k) Ferromex/Chepe Express reserves the right to substitute service cars due to force majeure and service needs.


a) The assignment of seats is carried out automatically by our system, according to the order and/or availability at the time reservations are made.

b) In the event that, for reasons attributable to Ferromex/Chepe Express, it is necessary to change from a purchased class to a lower class, the user will be reimbursed the difference in fare. This procedure must be requested at the time of concluding the trip and sending all proofs and tickets to the following e-mail: atencionclientes.chepe@ferromex.mx


Ferromex/Chepe Express are not responsible for previously damaged or damaged luggage, oversized, overweight or overfilled luggage, any damage resulting or caused by mishandling prior to boarding the train, and even if they were handled or helped to load by Chepe Express personnel. Likewise, Ferromex/Chepe Express is not responsible for any minor damage to baggage on: wheels, supports, straps, retractable handles, closures, loss of padlocks, external straps corresponding to normal wear and tear or factory defects, as well as damage or loss of valuables, money, jewelry, electronic devices, photographic or video items, laptops, cellular equipment, tablets, GoPro, vital medicines, perishable or liquid items, precious stones, art objects, valuable documents, stocks and negotiable certificates, or easily decomposable items, which are not considered baggage and are transported without the knowledge and consent of Ferromex/Chepe Express, in checked baggage.

a) Baggage check-in and control:
All baggage or packages are subject to random screening by Security Guards*, in coordination with supervisory personnel assigned to the Ferromex/Chepe Express Tourism Area and in the presence of the passenger responsible for the baggage or package, both before boarding and during the trip. If the passenger refuses such review, he/she will not be allowed to travel or continue the trip.

b) Characteristics of the baggage:
The ticket covers only 25 kilograms of weight (and with volume equivalent to one checked bag and one carry-on bag) of luggage per passenger; whoever exceeds in weight or volume must cover the amount of $750.00 pesos per excess bag or suitcase**, in all Chepe Express classes.
It is not allowed to transport household goods, tires, automotive parts, bicycles, motorcycles, high volume Christmas items, floral arrangements, bulky cardboard boxes, wooden jaba, sacks with food.
Only coolers for individual use will be allowed (less than 70 cm long X 30 cm wide X 40 cm high), which must not have drainage (in the case of containing seafood, it must not exceed 5 kilograms). All coolers must be sealed and their contents may not be removed during the trip.
The following are not considered as baggage: strollers, canes, crutches, wheelchairs or any accessory or support accessory for passengers with disabilities.

c) Prohibited articles:
It is strictly forbidden to transport:

  • Hazardous Materials: such as gasoline, diesel, petroleum, thinner (or any solvent), any type of gas, paint, oils, accumulators, etc. (Any product that is flammable and/or considered a risk for the rest of the passengers).
  • Firearms of any caliber.
  • Sharp objects (razors, scissors, knives, machetes, shovels, bars, picks, etc.).
  • Any other type of dangerous substance and batteries in bad condition or defective.
  • Prohibited or illegal substances. In case of detection of consumption or possession of narcotics or any chemical substance illegal or prohibited by the federal authorities, it will be made available to the corresponding authorities, as well as to the persons involved.

d) In accordance with Article 61 of the Railroad Service Regulations, which reads as follows:
If the weight, size or nature of the baggage, or its packaging or packing make it unsuitable for transportation, in accordance with the provisions, if any, issued by the Agency, the concessionaire may refuse to transport it until such conditions are modified. Likewise, in no case shall the concessionaire be responsible for those articles that are not properly packaged or packed.

e) Likewise, Ferromex/Chepe Express will not be responsible in case the passenger:

  • Does not verify that the password described on the documentation label (baggage check) of the checked baggage corresponds with his/her place of destination and with his/her personal data.
  • When picking up your baggage, do not verify that the number of passwords matches the pieces and check-in numbers.
  • Forget any piece(s) of baggage in stations, seats or hold of the train.

f) In case of loss or damage to checked baggage, compensation will be paid in accordance with our insurance policy.

g) Claims for damaged baggage must be reported to the Assistant Manager on board at the location where the baggage is claimed, before the passenger leaves the station.

h) All checked and carry-on baggage must have a baggage tag with personal information, including full name, address and telephone number. You may request your luggage tag at the ticket offices at Creel and Los Mochis stations.

*Random check by Railway Protection (floor and on-board personnel).
**Authorization of excess baggage in charge of the Assistant Manager on board Chepe Express.


a) Strictly Prohibited:

  • Boarding with food and/or beverages on the train. In case of carrying food and / or beverages, the train staff will remove them and deliver them upon arrival at their destination, the train staff will not be responsible for the care, condition or damage of such food or beverages, or make any compensation.
  • Consuming intoxicating beverages, before or after your trip, in any part of the facilities (parking lot, waiting room, platform, station, etc.).
  • It is not allowed to carry bottles of distilled beverages in sight. You may only carry them if they are closed in your luggage. The corkage fee for wine is $350 (there is no corkage fee for spirits).
  • Street vendors.

b) Persons who require constant food intake due to a medical condition must prove it with a document issued by a physician.


Smoking is not allowed on board the train, in any of its sections or areas, even in the case of electronic cigarettes, vaporizer or similar.


The Chepe Express train is a transportation system that arrives to mountain destinations and the accessibility conditions are limited, so we are working to offer you a better service. For this reason, we need to know in advance if you require special assistance, notifying the following email: atencionclientes.chepe@ferromex.mx

a) If you need to travel with a service dog, please refer to point 11.

b) You may document your wheelchair, crutches, walker, canes, among others, at no additional cost.

c) We have a special car for boarding people with reduced mobility, to access this service you must request your ticket in Economy Class and ask for the seats specially designated for this purpose.

d) You should consider that the train has narrow aisles due to its physical characteristics, therefore, for safety reasons, it is not possible to move through the different passenger cars with a wheelchair.

e) It is important to consider that our staff is not able to help you eat, assist you inside the toilet, attend to your physiological needs in your seat or provide medical services.

f) The staff on board will only provide general care.

g) Passengers with special medical conditions. In express case, they must carry medical certificates. It will be mandatory to indicate at the time of booking or making your purchase by notifying the e-mail: chepe@ferromex.mx, if:

  • You have a health problem that puts in reasonable doubt the conclusion of your trip with peace of mind, without the need for special medical assistance during the trip.
  • Brain damage, the passenger is required to travel accompanied.
  • Terminally ill or evicted due to other causes. In addition to the medical certificate, it is required that the passenger travels accompanied.
  • Infectious or contagious disease. Travel will not be allowed if the disease is transmissible in closed environments.
  • High risk pregnancy or after the 28th week.


a) It is forbidden to travel on board the passenger train with any type of animals, except for properly trained service dog such as:

  • Guide dog supporting blind or severely visually impaired persons.
  • Service dog giving signals to a deaf person.
  • Service dog trained to alert a person in the event of a seizure.
  • Service dog trained to assist persons with motor disabilities.

b) In order to board, they must carry an authorization issued, signed and stamped by the Tourism Department, which must be processed in advance (at least 15 days before the trip) by sending an e-mail with the information proving that they will travel with a duly certified guide dog, to the following address: chepe@ferromex.mx.

c) Service dogs may travel free of charge as long as they accompany their owners and are properly identified by means of the documents supporting their certification.

d) Service dogs must comply with all hygienic and sanitary regulatory conditions, such as:

  • Vaccination card: Rabies vaccine in force, indicating date of application and validity of this with information on the product.
  • Certificate of good health in original and copy (valid for 5 days from the date of issue). The certificate must be issued by a veterinarian, on headed paper, with the professional license number printed and must contain the following information: Name and address of the owner. Breed, sex, age and color of the animal.
  • The dog must be properly groomed when boarding the train.


e) Only one service dog per passenger is allowed.

f) Only one service dog per car is allowed.

g) Service dogs under 4 months old or nursing, sick, dead, violent or pregnant females are not accepted.

h) There is no specific weight for traveling with a service dog, in case of medium or large size, our passenger will be relocated to a seat that avoids, as far as possible, invading the space of other passengers or the aisle.

i) The service dog must always be under the owner’s control during the entire trip and must travel at the owner’s feet, without invading central aisles.

j) It is not mandatory for the service dog to travel in a cage, as long as it is muzzled, with identification around its neck and on a leash during the entire trip, which may not be extendable or longer than one and a half meters, to facilitate the owner’s control at all times.

k) If necessary, the service dog must be hydrated only in the restroom and it must do its hygienic needs in the same, the owner must clean and dispose of the remains in a closed plastic bag and deposit it inside the trash container located in the restroom. The passenger is in charge of the animal on board the train, including cleaning if necessary. The service dog will not be allowed to be fed on board the train. (The exclusive area for service animals to consume food will be a vestibule designated by one of the pursers).

l) Chepe Express and its personnel, in certain cases, reserve the right to limit transportation or request a change of seat, car or class, when requested by any of the other passengers, or to move the passenger to another seat in the event that the size of the service dog obstructs the normal passage of passengers. If a passenger seated near the person traveling with a service dog manifests allergies or something similar, it is possible to assign another seat on board to the person traveling with the service dog, in case there is no availability, the itinerary must be changed without charge or penalty. This change does not apply any additional compensation.

m) Under no circumstances may the service dog climb onto a seat, armchair, bench or table in any of the cars, even if they are empty. It must always remain next to its owner’s feet in such a way that it interferes as little as possible with the rest of the passengers.

n) The owner undertakes to pay for any damage caused by the service dog to the furniture of the train or the facilities, immediately and in cash or any other authorized form of payment, at the discretion of the Assistant Manager on board Chepe Express.

o) In the case that the service dog physically harms another passenger during the trip or within the company’s facilities, Ferromex/Chepe Express and its personnel disclaim all liability and are excluded from any agreement that may be reached by the parties involved. Therefore, the owner of the dog must have a civil liability policy or be responsible for any damages or injuries caused.

p) For hygiene reasons, the service dog may not enter the restaurant, bar or terrace, even if the passenger purchases a First or Business Class ticket. In such cases, the passenger may only eat at his/her designated seat.

q) Ferromex/Chepe Express shall not be liable for:

  • Illness contracted or suffered by the service dog, on board the train or in its facilities.
  • Loss of the service dog, on board the train or in its facilities.
  • Death, accident or injury to the service dog, suffered on board the train or on its premises.
  • Transfer or veterinary expenses in any of the aforementioned cases.


a) Only passengers presenting their respective tickets to travel on any of the trains shall be allowed to enter the station platforms.

b) In accordance with Article 63 of the Railroad Service Regulations, which reads as follows:
The concessionaire may refuse to transport and shall not allow access to the railroad facilities or boarding of trains to:

I. Unaccompanied children
II. Women in a state of pregnancy of seven months or more.
III. To persons who intend to travel alone and who suffer from any disability in terms of article 450 section II of the Civil Code for the Federal District in Common Matters and for the entire Republic in Federal Matters, and
IV. To persons who, due to the nature of their illness, present a risk to the other passengers, or who, due to their state of health, their transportation may imply a risk to their life.

In the case that the concessionaire accepts to transport the persons referred to in this article, it shall be under the strict responsibility of the concessionaire and must take the necessary measures to protect the safety of those being transported during the trip.

c) Also, the following shall not be allowed access to the railroad facilities or to board trains:

  • Persons who are in a state of drunkenness or under the influence of narcotics or psychotropic drugs, unless in the latter case, they have a medical prescription.
  • Persons carrying weapons without the respective permit, explosives, dangerous substances or, in general, any other element that constitutes a risk for users.


Cases of trip changes with paid ticket, by the passenger for reasons not attributable to Ferromex/Chepe:

a) All trains are subject to schedule changes or delays in route due to weather conditions or unfortunate events, in which case no actions may be taken by the passenger against the company. When any of these situations arise, Ferromex/Chepe will determine the train movements.

b) Any modification to a sale will have a penalty of $250.00 mxn per change, for each passenger involved plus fare change. (If necessary)

c) 15 calendar days before the travel itinerary begins, no changes will be allowed in low season. (Acording to the publishes schedule)

d) There are no cancellations or refunds. If you need to change your travel date, the corresponding penalty and any fare differences, if any, will be paid. You will have 365 days from your original travel date to make your trip.

e) On the Divisadero – Creel and Creel – Divisadero section, no changes (names, dates or cancellations) will be accepted in any of the three classes, regardless of how far in advance the cancellation is made.

f) Any change request should be send by e-mail to: atencionclientes.chepe@ferromex.mx

g) If notified less than 72 business hours or after the start of the trip, the trip can no longer be rescheduled and the amount paid for it will be lost.


h) For the modification of the name of a passenger who is part of a group of 19 or less passengers (from 20 or more, the group policy will apply, please contact: chepegrupos@ferromex.mx), the current policies apply to the cost of the passenger’s ticket and not for the total of the group. 

i) In the case of purchases less than 72 hours in advance of the travel itinerary, there will be no changes.

j) In the case of unused segments, attributable to the passenger, the above mentioned in the previous paragraphs will be taken as a basis according to the amount not used.


In the case that the passenger has already purchased a ticket and an event beyond the control of Ferromex/Chepe Express occurs that makes the trip impossible, Ferromex/Chepe Express is obligated to:

a) Provide free of charge the change of date to travel in another season.

b) In appropriate cases, the ticket can be used to take the train on an opposite section.

c) In those cases where it is deemed appropriate and taking into account passenger safety, Ferromex/Chepe Express will determine if it is convenient to hire an external authorized transportation service (buses, tourist vans, etc.).

d) In cases where passengers are transported by another means according to the previous paragraph, in the sections where they had purchased their ticket, the ticket will not be refunded, since the service will be considered as granted.

e) Ferromex/Chepe Express is not obligated to cover the costs of food, lodging, transfers of any kind or cancellation of any other type of services resulting from a fortuitous event or force majeure not attributable to them.

f) The return of tickets for causes attributable to Ferromex/Chepe Express will cause a refund for the amount corresponding to 100% of the unused segment and will only apply upon presentation of the ticket issued by Ferromex/Chepe Express. In these cases the passenger will have up to 30 days to claim a refund from the original travel start date. After this date, there will be no refunds.

g) In case of modifications due to force majeure and the passenger wishes to use their ticket to travel on another date, they will have 90 days to reschedule their travel date and 364 days to travel, from the date of the original trip.

h) For the before mentioned procedures, the passenger(s) must send an email to: chepe@ferromex.mx with the scanned ticket, reservation code, e-mail and a contact telephone number, so that information on the required documents can be provided. Your request will be resolved within a period of no less than 90 days, counted from the complete sending of the necessary documentation.

15.- Billing:

a) The passenger may request the invoice for the purchase of his ticket, by sending the scanned ticket and his tax ID, as well as his data in the body of the mail to the address: chepe.facturacion@ferromex.mx (In a term no longer than five working days the electronic invoice will be sent through this same means, counted from the receipt of the mail).

b) The request must be sent within the month in which the purchase was made, otherwise, it will not be subject to invoicing. Invoices requested from the 1st to the 28th of the month will be issued with the date of the current month, those requested after the 29th of the month will be issued with the date of the following month.


No agent, servant, representative, carrier, or third party, has the power or ability to modify, restrict or extend the terms of this document.