Boarding School (Tewekado)

Visit the Tewekado Boarding School in Cerocahui with the Chepe Express Train.

What is the Tewekado Boarding School?

The boarding school is a religious order that caters to native girls. It is located next to the Hotel Misión and seeks to improve the learning environment for local girls.

The boarding school provides Rarámuri girls with education, food and housing for more than 300 girls from different communities in the area.


Main objective of the internship:

In 1941 the Congregation of Siervas del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús y de los Pobres “Tewecado” was established, which in the Tarahumara language means “Home for Girls”.

The sisters’ objective was to shelter Rarámuris girls so that they could avoid the misery, contagion of diseases and the lack with which they had to face every day in the region of the Copper Canyon.

This is why the girls’ boarding school was created to provide food, housing, clothing, medicine and education to girls in need so that they can achieve a healthy and productive future.

If you schedule your visit, you may enjoy the choir and the beautiful voices of the girls singing in their language. If you are lucky, you may also be introduced to traditional dances.

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