Copper Canyon Hike

It is advisable to take a hike through the Copper Canyon with a local guide, to practice hiking and learn more about the region.

Trekking through the Copper Canyon:

In this hike you will get to know more than what you can see from the viewpoint, you will learn more about the life and traditions of the Rarámuri.

The Rarámuri:

The Rarámuri, are local inhabitants, who have a religious belief with practices outside of the churches.

It is said that the Rarámuri have appropriated some traditions and beliefs that they have learned from the Jesuits.

In addition, they hold mystical-religious celebrations in which they dance and make offerings with a typical and characteristic accompaniment of these traditions, called the tesgüino.


If you are interested in learning even more about the culture of some of Mexico’s towns, we recommend that you reserve your seat today to venture into the traditions and practices that take place in Barrancas del Cobre.

You can combine this activity with others that are within the Copper Canyon, such as the Cerro del Gallego Viewpoint, Huicochi Waterfall and many more.

Enjoy the diverse activities that you can do in the Copper Canyon, from hiking to tasting aged wines.

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