Local Dances

Local dances are shows that are appreciated in El Fuerte. The dance of the deer is a centuries-old expression that comes from the Yaquis and Mayos, original inhabitants of this border area between the states of Sonora and Sinaloa.

Local dance performances:

During the dance of the Deer, the dancer will wear a deer headdress with antlers, dramatizing in his dance a hunt. This type of dance is a religious tradition and the most important part of Yaqui and Mayan folklore in Mexico.

The dance of the Deer begins with music played with a flute and a drum, then the animal enters, played with the sound of rattles, which will then be struck by the arrow of the hunter (the dancer).


A religion that begins in childhood:

The protagonist of the local dances, is an indigenous Yaqui or Mayan that his parents have destined him for that purpose since childhood. At that stage of his life, the dancer’s parents educate him as if he were the deer, giving him a special diet so that he develops a much more agile and strong body that allows him to imitate the movements of the deer in a similar way.

Enjoy an authentic spectacle full of symbolism: this is one of the most ancient dances of the native peoples of Mexico. This activity can be enjoyed on your trip through Mexico with the Chepe Express Train.

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