Hiking in El Fuerte

Enjoy walks through El Fuerte and the Malecon to appreciate the culture and traditions of the town, there will be nothing better than taking a walk through this picturesque town, full of cultural and historical attractions.

What is the route of hikes in El Fuerte?

When you do hikes in El Fuerte (town) we will be visiting the following:

The Municipal Palace: the building was built at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century with a neoclassical oriented style in which you will be able to enjoy a solid and ancient architecture made with bricks, in its interior a pario with a beautiful fountain.

  • The Central Plaza.
  • La Casa de Cultura: the building was built in the 19th century where you will be able to appreciate a very pleasant space surrounded by art and books.
  • El Fuerte Museum: a museum that tells the story of the architecture and history of the town of El Fuerte and allows you to get a beautiful panoramic view of the river and the mountains through the use of the lookout point. Inside the museum you will see a large exhibition of photos and articles that tell the history of the town.


Walking along the Malecon

Enjoy a satisfying walk as visitors to El Malecón, El Fuerte, with a great tourist tradition. A place where you will see the meeting of the locals who will invite you to get to know a new environment. With a total of 1,200 meters, the walks along the Malecon will allow us to see the sunset and the strong river, observe a variety of birds surrounding beautiful landscapes on the banks of the river.

This activity will give you a feeling of relaxation and positive energy.

Other activities in El Fuerte

Kayaking in El Fuerte

Kayak downstream on the El Fuerte River.

local dances
Local Dances

Dances originating from the Yaquis and Mayos.

Zorro Show
Zorro Show

One of the attractions at the Hotel Posadas de Hidalgo.