Topolobampo Bay

Topolobampo Bay is a sanctuary of dolphins, birds, mangroves, dunes, sea lions and lots of semi-desert vegetation.

Why is it a tourist destination?

The Bay stands out for being a paradise where multiple species of flora and fauna abound. This reserve is located 23 kilometers from Los Mochis, making it an obligatory stop on your Chepe Express train ride.

As we have mentioned, Topolobampo Bay is known for its immense beaches, dunes and crystal clear waters.


What to do in Topolobampo Bay?

  • Stroll along the boardwalk along its beautiful and popular beaches.
  • Visit the lookout point.
  • Sport fishing with dorado, wahoo and sailfish.
  • Kayaking, scuba diving, fishing, skimboarding and sailing.
  • Visit Maviri Island.
  • Surfing in the strong waves of the long open beaches that the bay offers.
  • Enjoy the sunset.

So, Topolobampo Bay is a fishing port, where you will enjoy the cultural, archaeological and natural spaces that the coasts of Sinaloa have to offer.

It is very popular for the great biological diversity of its multiple species of flora and fauna that you can discover if you book your place today on the Chepe Express train to Sinaloa. To do so, click here.

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