Maviri Island

Maviri Island is the most popular beach in the bay.

Where is the beach located?

It is located in the northern part of Sinaloa between Topolobampo Bay and the Sea of Cortez, near the famous Cave of the Bats.

The beaches of Maviri are very popular and frequented by those living in Los Mochis, while its island is linked by a bridge to the scenic road that extends from Topolobampo.


What to do in Maviri Island?

Maviri is known for:

  • Being a natural viewpoint: you will be able to long for the natural reserves that are located in Sea of Cortez and Topolobampo Bay.
  • An island of beautiful and extensive beaches: since the island is catalogued as a natural reserve with the most popular beaches of the coast of Sinaloa.
  • To have restaurants, with excellence in marine dishes.
  • Have catamaran or boat tours to enjoy its beaches and explore the most attractive corners of Ohuira Bay and Topolobampo.
  • Visit the Bat Cave located near the island.

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