Botanical Garden

The Benjamin Francis Botanical Garden better known as Sinaloa Park, is undoubtedly the lung of the city.

The history of the Botanical Garden:

Traveling around the world, Francis decided to collect for exhibition plants from all the places he visited accumulating them in the same recreational space and observe the beauty of the flora at the beginning of the twentieth century. This garden is designed in a cross format respecting the style of the Benedictine monasteries.

Learn about the great variety of bird species and exotic plants, you will be surprised to find so much in one place. The garden is one of the activities you can enjoy on your tour of Los Mochis.


What is it like inside?

The Sinaloa Garden is diversified into 4 areas or gardens, properly speaking:

  • Avenida de las Palmas Reales.
  • Camino Dorado.
  • Jing Jang.
  • Star of the Orient.

In approximately one hour you will be able to tour the entire Sinaloa Botanical Garden. Prepare your camera to record the beautiful flowers and architectural designs of the cultural and natural space that Mexico gives us to appreciate.

In addition, in the Garden you will not only be able to admire flowers and moments, but also approximately 200 species of wildlife and a little more than 140 species of birds.

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