The destinations served by the Chepe Express train are located throughout the Sinaola region, where you will be able to enjoy a variety of activities.

In this destination you can practice ecotourism and enjoy its exquisite gastronomy based mainly on fresh seafood. However, the meat cuts are also very tasty. If you visit the center of the city you will see the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Plazuela 27 and the kiosk. Very close to downtown is the city’s lung, the Botanical Garden founded by Benjamin Francis, who brought to the city a great diversity of exotic plants, as well as a great variety of birds from Africa, Australia and India.

Los Mochis Terminal Station in Sinaloa

El Fuerte is the fourth most populous city in the state of Sinaloa and primordial Chepe destinatios. This colorful city offers natural and architectural attractions, but is especially famous for its deep-rooted Yoremes indigenous traditions. This station is a mandatory stop on our train tour.

El Fuerte in Sinaloa

Besides touring the town of Cerocahui and the vineyards, there are many tourist activities in Cerocahui. One of them is to visit the Huicochi waterfall with an 8 kilometer hike along a stream until you reach the waterfall. For trekking lovers, there are other tours from Cerocahui such as the hike to ¨Las Cascaditas¨ or to the ¨Mirador del Valle del León¨.


It is a place of privileged beauty, it is suggested that you walk along the edge of the ravine that offers unsurpassed views. In Divisadero are located 3 of the best hotels in the area, from the comfort of the balconies of their rooms you will find yourself surrounded by the exuberant beauty of the Copper Canyon.

Divisadero Station in Chihuahua

Thanks to its proximity to the Copper Canyon, its many services dedicated to hospitality, its access roads, valleys and waterfalls, this town is considered the gateway to the Sierra Tarahumara and the Copper Canyon.

Creel Terminal Station in Chihuahua

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