If you are planning a trip through Mexico, these are the highlights of the region for you to enjoy aboard the Chepe Express Train

Hike through El Fuerte

hikes in El Fuerte

It is not difficult to imagine the ancient lordship of this place when walking by the many houses with cast iron trellises and old gates, or walking through the cobblestone streets with houses from the nineteenth century.

In the center of town you can appreciate the attractive kiosk, the Municipal Palace, the House of Culture and the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Another activity to do in Mexico is the military construction that gave its name to the place.

This fort is a replica of the original, which began its construction in 1608 under the order of Martínez de Hurdaide, because the indigenous people of the place were too aggressive and came into conflict with the Spanish settlements.

This construction was finished in 1610 and was completely walled, with walls 7 meters high.

Currently, this place is a museum and from the top you can see the mighty Fuerte River.

Zorro’s Show

Zorro Show

El Fuerte guarda muchas historias y leyendas. Por ejemplo, recibió la visita de Venustiano Carranza a su cruce por la Sierra, en 1913, procedente de Parral. También se dice que en este lugar nació, en 1795, el legendario Zorro, Don Diego de la Vega, de quien algunos afirman, vivió los primeros diez años de su vida en este lugar.

Los Mochis is a young and modern city, a fusion of two cultures: North American and the indigenous Mayan people of northern Sinaloa.

When you arrive in Los Mochis you will find an extraordinarily fertile land and a place full of wide, tree-lined streets.

This destination offers

  • Great hospitality in its first-class hotels
  • Providing visitors with all the services
  • Information to help them plan an unforgettable itinerary.

Los Mochis is a strategic place in the northwest of the Mexican Pacific, which is a fundamental part of the Mexican Pacific.

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

Among the many attractions that you can visit in Los Mochis, we find the Botanical Garden, better known as Sinaloa Park,

This was created by Benjamin Francis Johnston as a living museum of impressive plants where you can admire a variety of species from different parts of the world.

There are games, tables and exercise equipment. If you are a plant lover, you will love this place.

Bird Island

Cave of the Bats

The island is the second largest of its kind in the world, is embedded in the middle of the Sea of Cortez.

All kinds of birds, sea lions and seals rest on the large rock.

On the island you can practice various sports activities such as

  • Fishing
  • Species observation
  • Doubt the biggest attraction is the visit to the “Pechocho”

Maviri Island

Maviri Island

Located only 6 km from the port of Topolobampo and 20 minutes from Los Mochis.

Is characterized by its calm waters -suitable for enjoying a dip- and fine sand, perfect for swimming and practicing any kind of beach sport or sharing with the family the sunset, which is an amazing spectacle.

Here you will find many delicious seafood restaurants.

Cerro de los Gallegos Viewpoint

Cerro del Gallego Viewpoint

It is possible to make countless tours, so you should not miss the one that takes you to the most spectacular viewpoint of the entire circuit of ravines.

It is located at the top of the Cerro del Gallego and from there you can appreciate in all its majesty the Barranca de Urique.

The scene becomes even more incredible with the Urique River and the mining town of the same name at the bottom of the ravine.


Vineyard at Hotel Misión

Cerocahui is an ideal place to enjoy complete peace in harmony with nature, so we recommend you to visit the vineyards of the Mission Hotel.

A few meters from the hotel, as well as make the hike to the waterfall of Cerocahui, called Huicochi by the locals because of the many trees that surround its path.

It is an indescribable hike, you can leave from the hotel, or do the hike alone from the river bank, which is approximately 2 kms long.

Copper Canyon Hike

Copper Canyon Trekking

It is not for nothing that the hikes and views from the viewpoints have become the most attractive of the route.

Divisadero is most famous points of Barrancas del Cobre route, because has the best viewpoints of the Urique canyon.

From these you can see Batopilas, Oteros, Sinforosa and Tararecua; all of them give origin to the Urique Canyon.

Their lengths total 1,500 km, which makes it four times larger than the Grand Canyon of Colorado, in the United States.

But the most famous of the viewpoints is undoubtedly the Piedra Volada, which has the peculiarity of being a huge ledge that has a huge round rock on top.

Adventure Park

Divisadero Adventure Park

This is one of the most impressive mountain parks in the world. It has a set of 7 zip lines and 2 suspension bridges for a total of almost 5 km, a via ferrata consisting of rappel, rock climbing and a small suspension bridge that is accessed by a “Tarzan jump”.

But the main attraction of the park is its spectacular cable car, considered the third longest in the world, with 3 km of cable without intermediate towers.

The cable car is located at the Divisadero Station, next to the Piedra Volada viewpoint.

It has a back and forth system, a cabin that goes in one direction and simultaneously another cabin that goes in the opposite direction. It has two 60-passenger cabins, with a capacity to transport 510 people per hour.

These cabins arrive at the Mesón de Bacajipare, a viewpoint that offers an impressive panoramic view of the junction of the Barranca del Cobre, Barranca Tararecua and Barranca de Urique.

Walk through the valleys

Creel Valleys

A few kilometers from the city center you can find 3 different types of rock formations known as valley of the:

  • Monks
  • Frogs
  • Mushrooms.

Here you can enjoy a bike ride, ATV or even a hike, and breathe the aroma of the forest and its incredible views of the mountains.

You will always find Rarámuris ready to welcome you, guide you on your way and sell you a small souvenir such as their baskets made of pine needles, bracelets or looms made by themselves.

Areko Lake

Arareko Lake

7 km from the center of Creel you will find this wonderful lake next to the Tarahumara ejido of San Ignacio de Arareco.

Arareco, Herradura in Rarámuri, is named for its shape, it has a length of 3 km in the shape of a u, which is surrounded by coniferous trees, oaks and arbutus. If you wish you can walk around it and even camp.