Creel Valleys

Only 7 kilometers south of Creel you will find numerous rock formations in valleys where walking through its trails will give you the opportunity to enjoy the aroma of the forest.

Hike through the Creel Valleys:

Experience a unique hike through the southern region of Creel to enjoy and observe the natural beauty of its valleys. Inside you will see rocks shaped like mushrooms, frogs and monks. How strange is that?

These valleys have volcanic rocks that were sculpted by the erosion of nature.

Besides appreciating the rocks, you will find yourself in a beautiful forest with several species of pine and oak trees inhabited by various species of birds, wild animals and carnivores.


Where are they located?

This beautiful natural landscape is located in Bocoyna, one of the most important of Creel, which is a very popular tourist spot that you can explore aboard the Chepe Express train. Reserve your place today to appreciate this incredible excursion to Chihuahua with the natural beauties offered by the Copper Canyon.

Thanks to its proximity, you can visit them by van, ATV, horseback, or even on foot. These multiple options are the ones you will be able to choose from when you arrive at the Creel station.

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