Lake Arareko

Only 7 kilometers from Creel is San Ignacio Arareko, a Rarámuri town with a small lake, where water activities take place. You can rent a boat there and enjoy this beautiful place.

Areko Lake

The lake is located in the town of San Ignacio de Arareco and has a total length of 3 kilometers with a U shape and a surface of 40 hectares.

This natural reserve is very popular because it is considered a tourist destination in Chihuahua because you can admire beautiful landscapes, camping areas and shelters.

To access this activity, you can reserve your place on the Chepe Express train to Chihuahua, since this nature reserve is located just 5 kilometers from the Creel station where the train stops.


What to do at the Lake?

At Areko Lake you can enjoy multiple adventure and exploration activities:

  • Hiking: there are several hiking trails in San Ignacio de Arareco.
  • Kayaking.
  • Bird watching. You can observe different species of flora and birds such as woodpeckers, bluebirds, herons and ducks, among others.
  • Hiking
  • Visit to the Rukiraso waterfall.
  • Excursion to the terminal waters
  • Exploration through the caves where the Rarámuris used to live.

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