Town and historic center of Creel

Enjoy a spectacular tour through the town and center of Creel to learn about the cultural, historical and religious aspects of the town.

El Fuerte Tour:

On this tour you will take a walk along the main street of El Fuerte where you will find numerous stores with handicrafts, mostly made by the Rarámuris.

At the same time, the carriers will offer you tours of the surrounding area and you will find the best hotels and restaurants.


Within this tour of El Fuerte you will see:

The Temple of Christ the King: this will be one of the most amazing temples you will discover in Mexico, since this country was the first to consecrate itself as a servant of Christ the King, being the first to build him a monument.

  • Plaza de Armas.
  • Old railroad station.
  • Visit the Temple of Christ the King, the Plaza de Armas and the old train station.
  • Don’t forget to bring cash since Creel only has one ATM and during business hours, only one bank operates.

Reserve your seat today to enjoy a trip through Mexico aboard the Chepe Express train and take a tour of El Fuerte to enjoy the most cultural, historical and religious aspects of the town. If you still don’t know how to reserve your place on the train, click here.

Others activities in Creel

Creel Valleys
Creel Valleys

Rock formations, trails and forest.

Arareko Lake
Lake Arareko

A Rarámuri village with a small lake.

Cusarare Cascade
Cusarare Waterfall

A waterfall with a drop of 30 meters.