Get to know the Chepe Express rates

StationsFirst ClassExecutive ClassTourist Class
From Los MochisSingleRouteSingleRouteSingleRoute
To Bahuichivo$3,400$4,900$2,300$3,500$1,550$2,600
To El Fuerte$1,250$2,000$980$1,400$730$1,200
To Divisadero$3,600$5,500$2,500$3,700$2,100$2,900
To Creel$3,900$5,700$2,800$3,950$2,300$3,200
From El FuerteSingleRouteSingleRouteSingleRoute
To Los Mochis$1,250$2,000$980$1,400$730$1,200
To Bahuichivo$2,250$3,400$1,450$2,200$1,150$1,750
To Divisadero$3,000$4,500$1,900$2,600$1,500$2,200
To Creel$3,300$4,700$2,300$3,250$1,800$2,700
From BahuichivoSingleRouteSingleRouteSingleRoute
To Los Mochis$3,400$4,900$2,300$3,500$1,550$2,600
To El Fuerte$2,250$3,400$1,450$2,200$1,150$1,750
To Divisadero$1,850$2,800$1,050$1,500$850$1,300
To Creel$1,900$2,700$1,100$1,550$950$1,350
From DivisaderoSingleRouteSingleRouteSingleRoute
To Los Mochis$3,600$5,500$2,500$3,700$2,100$2,900
To El Fuerte$3,000$4,500$1,900$2,600$1,500$2,200
To Bahuichivo$1,900$2,800$1050$1,500$850$1,300
To Creel$1,300$1,900$100$1,400$750$1,100
From CreelSingleRouteSingleRouteSingleRoute
To Los Mochis$3,900$5,700$2,800$3,950$2,300$3,200
To El Fuerte$3,300$4,700$2,300$3,250$1,800$2,700
To Bahuichivo$1900$2,700$1,100$1,550$950$1,350
To Divisadero$1,300$1,900$1000$1,400$750$1,100

Remember that if you buy your ticket from Los Mochis to Creel or from Creel to Los Mochis you can descend in 3 stops (already included in your ticket Price) in any of the destinations.

We do not sell tickets on board, we invite you to buy your tickets online or through our call center: 800 122 43 73  

However we sell tickets at Lo Mochis station and at Creel you can buy your tickets 1 day in advance at the The Lodge at Creel Hotel & Spa.