Dear Passengers and Tour Operators: As you are aware, in the last decade, the effects of climate change have manifested themselves significantly in various regions of the country, including the Copper Canyon region, where deforestation has also increased the effects of the rains, such as flooding and rock falls on the tracks where the Chepe runs. Grupo México Transportes (GMXT) is carrying out a comprehensive study of the area to define different measures to avoid, as far as possible, interruptions to train traffic. The company carries out short, medium and long term preventive actions, tests, works and detailed and permanent revisions of the route, with the advice of national and international specialists, as well as the corresponding authorities. GMXT's priority at all times is passenger safety, as well as efficiency and quality of service. Therefore, until October 31, Chepe Express and Chepe Regional will continue operating on a consolidated basis at the following departure times:
Passengers who hold tickets from August 17 till October 31, please contact us at 55 852 64 804 or 800 122 43 73, and we will be pleased to provide you with any information you may require. We´ll make every effort to ensure that your trip continues to be a safe and unforgettable experience and we invite you to enjoy this temporary route, which also seeks to maintain the momentum of local tourism in the Copper Canyon region. Further information is also available on our social networks @chepeexpress and on our website at